3 Steps to the Sweetest, Juiciest Sweet Corn You’ll Ever Eat

Ontario sweet corn

Ontario sweet corn season is in full swing and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into some of the sweetest, juiciest cobs around! If you’re looking to make sure your corn is as sweet as can be, follow these three simple steps!

1.  Get it FRESH!

Fresh sweet corn has kernels that are plump, juicy and sweet. As sweet corn ages, it loses moisture and the sugars convert to complex carbohydrates (which lack flavour). To avoid bland, starchy corn, be sure the corn is fresh and consume your sweet corn close to when it was picked! Purchasing from your local farmer helps reduce the time it takes the corn to travel to your plate.

Storing sweet corn in the husk

2.  Store it well

If you must store your sweet corn for a day or two, keep it in the refrigerator or somewhere cool. The colder temperature will slow the conversion of sugars to starch. Keep the husk on the corn to lock in the moisture until you are ready to cook it.

Perfectly cooked sweet corn

3. Don’t overcook it!

Longer cooking times can quicken the conversion of the corn sugars to tasteless starches. We suggest cooking your corn for only 4 minutes in boiling water, just long enough to soften the exterior of the kernels. Avoid adding salt to the water, as this shows evidence of toughening the corn. Instead, opt to season your corn after cooking with salt and pepper.

Try finding locally sourced corn at a farmer’s market, farm shoppe (like Heatherlea!) or direct from the farmer. It’s worth tasting corn until you find a source you like, because not all sweet corn is the same! There are many varieties that farmers can choose to grow, and they vary immensely in the flavour and sweetness.

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