Fresh & Frozen Local Meats

You can find our home-raised, grass-fed beef – as well as similarly raised poultry, pork, and specialty meats – in our fresh butcher shop that serves Caledon, Erin, Belfountain, Georgetown, Orangeville, Brampton, GTA, Toronto and surrounding Ontario!


We have been ethically raising pasture-fed Black Angus beef since 1975. Our animals are free to roam outside in the fresh air and graze on pasture. We finish our cattle on hay, silage, and a small amount of grains, without the addition of growth hormones or antibiotics.


You will find that our beef, in addition to having lived a wonderful, natural life, is extremely tender with outstanding flavour! It might just be the best tasting beef your family has ever had.

Butcher Shop with Fresh Meat Counter


Visit our butcher shop to explore our wide selection of fresh local meats.  We’re only a beautiful country drive away and well worth the visit!

Meat Delivery to Toronto and surrounding areas.


Our online butcher shop is always open! Enjoy the convenience of getting it delivered to your door or pick it up at the farm.



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prime rib beef, silverware and fresh rosemary
The Dry-Aged Difference

Dry-aging is important to flavour and tenderization of beef. On a larger scale, beef is typically packaged immediately after cutting, without being aged at all; ours however, is dry-aged in a controlled environment for at least 21 days before we cut it and sell it both fresh and frozen. Aging reduces the moisture in the beef and thus concentrates the flavour of the meat. This gives you very tender, flavourful beef. Our customers even comment on the difference in quality of our ground beef!

Free-Run, Naturally Raised, Wild

We pride ourselves on supporting local family farms that raise their animals naturally. The chicken, pork, lamb and bison that you’ll see (both fresh and frozen) in our shoppe are from local farms within a 100 mile radius. We specialize in drug-free, hormone-free, free-run, pasture-raised meats; we make sure the farmers we work with have the same integrity and commitment to those principles that we do!

What Does It Mean? Ask!

There are many terms used to describe how animals are treated: think naturally-raised, traditionally-raised, conventional, organic, or grass-fed. These terms can have different meanings to different people, so it’s best to ask your farmer what they really imply. Our family believes that raising animals on grass in the fresh outdoors provides happy, healthy lives for them; finishing on hay, silage, and grains gives their meat the beautiful marbling and flavour that people keep coming back for!


Ethically raised on our rolling pastures, Heatherlea beef is expertly aged and butchered by a local family (government inspected). All of our kind and respectful handling results in a superb, tasty product whose origins you can trust! Our beef cuts are available at our fresh butcher counter or frozen in individual packages at the farm shoppe. Bulk orders can be placed in advance by telephone.

Angus Beef Bulk Orders

Our Black Angus beef is available in larger quantities: whole (~ 600-800 lbs), side (~ 300-400 lbs), quarter-mixture of front and hind (~ 150-200 lbs), or our butcher boxes. If you know that your family goes through a lot of beef, a side or a quarter would work best for the biggest cost savings. The butcher boxes are great for small families or as a good starter box to test the waters before upgrading to a larger order. Sides and quarters are custom-cut to your liking, flash-frozen, pre-packaged, and ready to go in boxes.

If you’re interested in a bulk order, contact us for a cutting instruction sheet. If you are not sure what cuts are best for your family, please don’t hesitate to ask. We would love to help!

What do you get in a quarter of beef?
(A side of beef would be approximately double)

4-5 t-bone steaks
2 wing steaks (bone-in New York striploin)
3 sirloin steaks
3 round steaks
2 rump roasts
1 sirloin tip roast
5-6 prime rib steaks or 2 prime rib roasts
2-3 blade roasts
1 short rib roast
1 cross rib roast
1 bag of soup bones
6 lbs stewing meat
45 lbs ground beef (quantity depends on how lean you would like it)

* The quantity of cuts varies depending on your cutting instructions for the butcher and the size of the animal. 

twine and prime roasted meat


basted raw turkey with lemon and herbs
Drug-Free Poultry

We have a wide selection of local poultry cuts/products from farms in St. Jacob’s, Wallenstein & our own family farm. The chickens are free-run and well cared for. Their feed is free from hormones, antibiotics, and animal by-products. And the best part is that our chicken, in fact, tastes like chicken! Our FRESH chicken roasters do arrive in the shoppe every Wednesday afternoon for your weekend dinner parties or barbecues!

Our selection of quality chicken products includes:

Chicken roasters 5-7 lbs (fresh every Friday afternoon)
Breasts (skinless & boneless or bone-in & skin on)
Thighs (skinless & boneless or bone-in & skin on)
Drum sticks
Legs with back attached
Fingers (breaded)
Chicken tenderloins (unbreaded strips, gluten free)
Chicken burgers
Ground chicken
Chicken sausages (feta & spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, or honey garlic)

Local Pork

We also have a wide selection of pork products including chops, sausages, bacon, and roasts, all from local family farms in Simcoe & Heidlberg.


In addition to bulk orders of our Angus beef, we have responded to much demand and created home or cottage-ready butcher boxes! We’ve put together an assortment of our favourite cuts and products to keep you well stocked. Shop our selection of Butcher Boxes.

Family Butcher Box
A mixed pack that everyone around your table will love. Includes chicken (thighs, sausages, breasts, fingers), pork (bacon, tenderloin) and beef (ground, stew, rump roast, striploin steaks, hot dogs).

Low & Slow Butcher Box
Just as it sounds… full of things for a lover of slow cooking. This all-beef pack includes chuck roast, beef shanks, beef stew, eye of round roast, ground beef, beef bones, and beef stock.

The Grill Butcher Box
Pour a pint and fire up the BBQ with this outdoor-inspired offering of beef (ribeye steaks, flank steaks, angus burgers), pork (loin chops, back ribs, sausages) and chicken (legs, drums, breasts, sausages).


Specialty Meat, Fish & Seafood

Have something new and exciting for dinner tonight! Try bison, lamb, or emu for something different and delicious. We also have a good selection of fish and seafood to add some variety at mealtime. Some of our favourites include the Canadian Ice Shrimp, Manitoulin Island Lake Trout, and White Fish that you can find in our freezer!

Gluten-Free & Additive-Free Items

Of course, many of our unprocessed meats are free of gluten & additives because they are in their natural state (chicken breasts, steaks, ground beef). But also available in are shop meats items like sausages, burgers, and bacon that are free of gluten, soy, MSG, lactose, and nitrates. Please feel free to ask about them – we’ll happily show you what we have available.