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From Scratch, Local Favourites

Enjoy a casual, seasonal, and delicious breakfast, lunch, or snack in our Caledon cafe while you’re visiting our shoppe. Just like everything else we serve, all our cafe offerings are made from our drug and hormone free meats, farm fresh eggs, and local vegetables, and everything is always crafted from scratch in our certified kitchen. We make everything ourselves – including the stock! And yes… we do offer catering.



Peameal Bacon on a Brioche Bun
pommery mustard & honey aioli

Heatherlea Reuben Sandwich
house cured & smoked pastrami – fermented sauerkraut – gruyere – Russian dressing – bakerhaus rye

Curried Chicken Wrap
curry chicken salad – pickled cabbage – organic mixed greens – artisan wrap

Italian Club
Niagara prosciutto – fresh fior di latte – fig – balsamic reduction – pesto – served hot or cold

Seasonal Veggie Wrap
roasted seasonal root vegetables – organic leaf lettuce – pesto aioli – goat cheese

Best Ever Grilled Cheese
aged cheddar – gruyere – cream cheese – caramelized onion jam

Daily Featured Quiche
quiche lorraine or roasted vegetable

Seasonal Soup

Feature Soup & Sandwich Combo

Planet Bean coffee, Tealish tea, and our own bakery treats also available.