We’re always so excited to host our local food-centred events, workshops, and demos! View our current events or purchase tickets below via our online shop.  Just note that our workshops are limited in class size to create an intimate experience. You’ll get engaged, be able to ask lots of questions, and hopefully have a few good laughs with your classmates. Our classes are filled with fun and give you lots of useful knowledge to take home. We look forward to chopping, rolling, canning, baking, grilling, and (of course) eating alongside you!

What else have we been up to? Past events have included:

The Art of Poultry Butchery
Sausage Making Workshop
Soap Making Workshop
Spring Fling with Carolyn Morris
Beef Butchery: Hind Quarter
Pork Butchery
Kids Cupcake Decorating Basics
Fermentation 101
Pop-Up Valentine’s Flower Shoppe!
10 Mile Holiday Entertaining with Joy Scout Learnshops
Pork Butchery Demo
Water Bath Canning Essentials
North African Cuisine
Savoury Gluten Free
Pork Butchery Demos
Island Breakfast Cuisine with Caitlin
Pasta Making with Pat
Detox with Sherri
Valentine’s Brunch Workshop with Caitlin
Bone Broth & Stock Class with Jason
Cooking Classes For Kids: A 4 Part Series
Poultry Butchery with Head Butcher Jason Cooney
Pasta Making with Chef Claire Loftus
Middle Eastern Flavours with Chef Caitlyn McLeod
Canning: Food in Jars with Chef Cathy Hansen
Easy Summer Canapés with Chef Claire Loftus
Master the Grill with Head Butcher Jason Cooney