Everything to make your holiday easy-peasy!

If you are looking for fresh local turkeys, ham and prime rib roasts…you’ve come to the right place!  For the best selection and preferred pick up dates and times, place your order soon!

The holidays is a time for family, friends, and of course, food! The meat is often the centrepiece of the meal, and can leave a lasting impression with your guests. With a high quality, local, fresh turkey you’ll become the best home cook they know and they’ll be sure to come back for more!

Here we’re sharing how to order Heatherlea’s farm fresh turkey’s and some of our best tips and tricks for making sure your bird is perfectly cooked and juicy. So, if you’re looking to impress this holiday season, read on!

Quality Meats

your guests will be back for seconds!

You’ve come to the right place! Here at our farm, we pride ourselves in providing the very best turkeys possible. Our turkeys are always fresh and raised locally. That means that your turkey will have outstanding flavor that your guests will be sure to enjoy! So if you’re looking for quality meats this holiday season, look no further than our farm!

A delicious fresh turkey will have your guests coming back for seconds. And it all starts with a quality turkey that is fresh from the farm. We pride ourselves in partnering with some of the best turkey farmers in Ontario.

We know how our turkeys are treated matters to you, and thus no short-cuts are ever taken with the safety and quality of care. Our turkeys are raised in a stress-free environment and pampered with fresh bedding and water on a regular basis. Open sided-barns allow for exhilarating fresh air while protecting our flocks from extreme heat and predators. We will never use added hormones or steroids in the production of our turkeys (these substances are banned in Canada).

Is it your first time cooking a turkey? Be sure to keep reading for some of our best turkey tips or check out our latest post on How Long to Cook a Turkey?

How to Place an Order

Orders for uncooked fresh turkey are placed through our online shop or in-store. There are 4 size ranges to choose from when selecting a fresh turkey: 12-15 lbs, 15-18 lbs, 20- 22 lbs and 24+ pounds.

The smaller weight ranges tend to be hens (female), while the larger size ranges then to be toms (male). Since toms are larger, they tend to have more dark meat (for those that love dark meat!).

Fresh turkeys are available for pick up at our farm shoppe in Caledon, which serves residents from all over the GTA and surrounding areas. At checkout, select your desired pick up date. Please note the the pick up dates are limited to holidays only due to the seasonal availability of fresh turkey.

Heatherlea takes a deposit for your turkey order, with the remaining balance due upon pickup.