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Buying a side of beef is an excellent way to ensure you always have plenty of quality meat on hand. Not only will it save you money in the long run, but it also allows you to select the exact cuts, length of dry aging and packaging specifications you desire.

By ordering a whole, side or half-side of Heatherlea beef (otherwise known as a whole cow, half cow or quarter cow), you can ensure that your chest freezer is always stocked and ready for when you crave scrumptious beef dishes – which let’s face it, will be quite often if you are like most people who enjoy savouring these tasty meals at least twice per week.

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I want to place an order now for a side of Heatherlea’s Beef.

Don’t Accept Anything Less of Your Beef

You want a freezer full of beef but you don’t want…

 Ⅹ to experience tough or flavourless beef

 Ⅹ meats claiming to be local when they aren’t

 Ⅹ one year commitments for meat subscription boxes

 Ⅹ a bunch of cuts you didn’t want

Meet Your Farmers & Butchers

Not many can say they farm and butcher. We do both! We know exactly the high quality care taken from raising the feed and animals to the skilled in-house butchery and dry aging process.


We’re the McArthur family and it’s a pleasure to MEAT you! We’re of the region’s only on-farm butchery and aging vaults (and we take pleasure in bad puns!).

Who are we? We’ve been farming in the Peel region for 7 generations (if you count the grand-kids!) and raising Black Angus cattle since the 70’s. Selling sides of beef to friends and family for years eventually turned into a full-time business and today, we service a large portion of Southern Ontario with our farm-fresh Angus beef.

We take great pride in serving you exactly what you’re looking for in a side of beef.  Flavour, tenderness and quality are the reason customers keep coming back for our beef over and over again.  We believe that you ad your family deserve nothing but the best when you purchase a side of beef.

Beef Done Right

✔️ pasture raised on the rolling hills of Caledon

✔️ finished on grass and grain

✔️ dry aged to enhance the flavours and tenderness

✔️ hand cut, in-house to your liking

Their butchered meats are out of this world and well worth the price. In the summertime their pre-made burgers are always a hit at the family barbecue.

A. Schuch
(Google review)

If I could give 6 stars I would.
The meat is top-notch.
They go above and beyond.
The customer service is a relic of days gone by compared to the customer service one receives today.
Thanks Pat and Don much appreciated!!

(Google review)

MEAT! The beef here is fantastic, It’s the only place I will get my ground from now on. The fresh butcher selection is amazing. The cafe has a nice selection as well.

Slick Stevie
(Google review)

Here’s What You Get!

✔️ dry aged for your selection of 21 days or 28 days

✔️ custom cutting with all of your favourite cuts at the right thickness or size

✔️ custom portioned packages to suit your family

✔️ access to our knowledgeable butchers who can guide you every step of the ordering process

✔️ your freezer full of beef so you are ready for any dinner or party!


Say No More!

I want to place an order now for a side of Heatherlea’s Beef.

Dry Aged T-Bone Steak with Herbs
Angus Beef Loin Aging in a Butcher Shop Window


The first set is placing a deposit on a side of beef. This secures your spot in line for the next available side (don’t sleep on this one! We could be booking a 1-2+ months out from the date you order).

Once your deposit is secured, it’s time to make a few decisions on how you want your side of beef processed. Don’t fret if this is your first time! Our knowledgeable butchers can walk you through the ordering process. Feel free to share any information about your family’s meal preferences so that our butchers can provide suggestions.

Perhaps you would prefer some stew beef instead of all ground beef?

Maybe you like stir-fries and would love to have stir-fry strips included?

Have you always wanted dry aged beef aged a little longer? Try our 28 day aging option!

We would love to help guide you on these decisions if you are stuck.

You’ll also get to decide how big the cuts are – meaning how thick your steaks are and how many pounds the roasts are.

The size of each package matters too! So that when you pull your meats from the freezer they are in a portion that your family normally consumes. So, how many pounds of ground beef per package, how many steaks per package etc.

Typically customers request 1 pound packages of ground beef, stew or stir-fry. Steaks are typically 1 inch thick with 2 steaks per package. Again, any of this can be changed to your liking.

And how long would you like your beef dry aged for in our Heatherlea vault? The most common is 21 days, but we can do 28 days as well!

Bones and organs come with your order but you can omit these if you so decide.

Once our butcher is clear on your requests, they will provide an estimated time of completion.

You are welcome to pick up your beef here at our farm in Caledon OR we can deliver all across the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions.

The final payment is due upon pick up or prior to delivery.

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