3 Classic Wing Sauce Recipes to Make-Ahead

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Chicken Wing Platter

Getting ready for game day or your next big party? Chicken wings make the perfect party food and are such a great canvas for flavour. There are so many exciting ways to make wings but sometimes the classics are what people LOVE the most!

What classics come to mind for you? We’re thinking Buffalo, BBQ, and Honey Garlic! They cover all the bases from sweet, to hot or smoky.

Now…when you have guests over, you want to be ready with all these sauces and dips when the wings come out hot from the oven (fryer, smoker, or BBQ). That’s why making these sauces ahead of time will make entertaining a cinch! And they can easily stay in the fridge for a week or more.

Here are 3 classic wing sauce recipes to make-ahead:

1. Honey Garlic Wing Sauce

I know we said Honey Garlic, but this recipe has a fun twist by adding lime and lime zest! It’s another layer of flavour that is worth trying! And don’t worry, it’s still loaded with honey and garlic too! Find this Honey-Lime Chicken Wing Recipe at FineCooking.com.

2. Buffalo Chicken Wing Sauce

You can’t go wrong making Buffalo Wing Sauce…it’s essentially Franks Red Hot Sauce and butter. However, this recipe by Bon Appetit, adds a bit of sugar to the sauce which we think balances out the heat nicely.

And if you’re one of those people (like me!) that HAS TO HAVE Blue Cheese Dip with your Buffalo Wings – Food Network Kitchen has a simple recipe.

3. BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce is easy to make and keeps really well in the fridge. This barbecue sauce recipe by Ina Garten, actually started out as several different sauce recipes until she combined them out of frustration. That frustration resulted in a delicious BBQ Sauce that touches on flavours from different cuisines.

This recipe involves cooking onions and garlic until translucent and then adding EVERYTHING into a sauce pan to simmer until thickened – super easy! So don’t be discouraged by the seemingly long list of ingredients.

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