7 Ways to Serve Sweet Corn on the Cob

7 Ways to Serve Corn on the Cob

There’s nothing quite like a delicious ear of sweet corn on the cob in the summertime. Whether you’re barbecuing or grilling, sweet corn is always a hit! In this blog post, we’ll be sharing seven different ways to serve sweet corn on the cob. So whether you’re looking for something fun and creative or just want some inspiration, read on for some great ideas!

Mickey Mouse Sweet Corn Holders

Corn Cob Holders

One way to serve sweet corn on the cob is by using corn holders. Corn holders are small skewers that you can insert into the ends of the cob and hold while you eat. This is a great option if you want to avoid getting your hands dirty.  Grab some classic ones or spice things up with fun corn cob handles like these Mickey Mouse corn holders.

Corn wheels by Country Living

Corn Cob Wheels

Serving sweet corn can be a messy experience but it doesn’t have to be! Try serving sweet corn in smaller pieces or even wheels like Country Living Magazine has done.  At a more manageable size, these sweet corn wheels will be a hit…especially with the little kids!

Corn the cob can easily be snapped into pieces using your hands, but to get these narrow wheels you will want to use a knife to cut the sweet corn cob into wheels.

Corn on a stick by Dennis Prescott

Sweet Corn on a Stick

If you don’t have corn handles or holders, try using a wooden skewer as a handle like Dennis Prescott in his recipe for Grilled Corn and Whipped Miso Butter.  Cut or break the cobs in half and pierce them with a pre-soaked wooden skewer before placing them on the barbeque. If you are boiling the sweet corn, pierce them with a skewer after they are cooked.

Braided corn husk by Zimmysnook

Braided Corn Husk Handle

Corn husk handles are a great way to serve sweet corn from the grill in the summer.  We always admire the ones made by James and Elaine from zimmysnook.ca. You can give them a follow at @zimmysnook for their latest, eye-catching and inspirational dish.

First soak the corn in ice water for 1-2 hours or overnight.  This will help prevent the husks from burning when you grill the sweet corn.  The ice water is an essential step to keeping the corn fresh and sweet.  Sweet corn that is kept at room temperature will be less sweet because the sugars covert to starch.

After soaking, peel back the husk while keeping it attached to the cob at the base.  Remove the corn silk by hand or with a damp paper towel. Braid the husk into a handle and secure with butcher’s twine or another piece of husk. Now they are ready for the grill!

Tied Sweet Corn Handle by Leites Culinary and photo by David Malosh

Tied Corn Husk Handle

If braided corn husks aren’t your thing (or you just don’t have time!), try tying the husk ends with a piece butcher twine (or husk) for a tidy presentation. Soak them first by following the same instructions above.

Seasoned sweet corn by Bon Appetit

Sweet Corn Toppings

Want to get adventurous with flavours? Try adding some fun toppings to your sweet corn cobs.  Some favourites include garlic & herb butter, Mexican-style (with chili powder, cotija cheese, cilantro and lime), or parmesan and garlic.

Buttered sweet corn by thegunnysack.com

Buttered Sweet Corn

Love the basics? There is no need to get fancy with sweet corn on the cob! Go with the classic butter, salt and pepper like gunnysack.com! After all, a delicious cob of corn starts with really FRESH sweet corn and remember not to overcook it!

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