The Perfect Steak for Your Valentine

From The Butcher

Valentine's Day Heart-Shaped Ribeye Steak

Skip the fancy dinner reservations! Splurging on an elegant dinner at home is the way to go! Dim the lights, set some candles and uncork a great bottle of wine. Now what do you serve?

Make Valentine’s Day memorable with a REALLY good steak. And not just a great cut but a great quality steak too! We suggest visiting your trusted, local butcher – they have all the skill and knowledge to provide you with an exceptional steak for Valentine’s Day.

Tenderloin Steak

Tenderloin is a nice steak option – it’s smaller, leaner, and quite tender. And if you’re looking for more flavour, you can ask if your butcher will do a bone-in tenderloin steak. Two of these steak together sometimes resembles a heart-shape – a perfect steak for Valentine’s Day, if you ask us!

Ribeye Steak

Now if you are looking for that ‘wow-factor’, go with a big, juicy ribeye steak. Your butcher can also offer these in a heart-shape by leaving 2 ribeyes attached along one edge. The heart-shaped ribeye steak serves 2, so it’s perfect for sharing.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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